Surgery or not



  •  That's good news that your left leg is much better. It takes a long time for the nerves to recover if they do. Take full advantage of PT and walking so you don't form excess scar tissue that can permanently damage nerves. I had post surgical complications after my fusion that led to scar tissue encroaching on the nerve roots.After all that and years later, I also developed multilevel stenosis which made it very difficult to walk. I'm hoping my spinal cord stimulator will help me since further corrective surgery is not an option for me. Good luck with the sleep apnea surgery and recovery from the fusion. 
  • OstrichOstrich SwedenPosts: 8
    Thank your for your reply and tips about pt and walking, been a bit sloppy lately but I'm getting my dog back soon. Sad to hear about your problems hope it will get better. Merry Christmas!
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