Left hand atrophy and weakness

Hi, I'm new here. Just got done seeing a neurologist and getting an EMG done of my left hand/arm. I have significant weakness in my left hand and the Dr pointed out the severe atrophy in my hand. I have no pain anywhere, hand, arm, neck.... just this weakness. Waiting on results but she also ordered an MRI of the cervical spine.  I work in a pain center and my Dr says I need cervical epidural injections. I just don't see why due to not having any pain.... anyone have this same issue that can shed some light on what this could be?


  • Hi leann

    I have same problem with left shoulder, bicep and forearm pain.  Try the injections to see if they help.  I currently have bulging discs and c5-c7 with neuroforaminal stenosis.  After you get results from mri you will see what is wrong.


  • Lefty4562LLefty4562 Huntington, WVPosts: 21
    I developed weakness in my right leg and arm. My right hand basically became a claw. I have spinal stenosis with myleopathy. Had ACDF almost 6 weeks ago and all is back to normal for the most part. The right hand is about 95%.
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  • Bruce EitmanBruce Eitman Akron, OH, USAPosts: 1,340
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    welcome to the spine-health forums.

    weakness yes, but also pain.  you don't seem to have pain.

    i find it a little odd that the doctor wants to do injections without first doing a diagnosis.

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