Thoracic pain aggrevated by the shoes I wear- vertebral endplate irregularity/schmrols nodes

So I know my main problem, and that is that I have vertebral endplate irregularities and schmorls nodes in my thoracic spine. My pain is highly aggravated by the type , of footwear that I wear. For example, I discovered that Nike Air Max seem to be the best choice for me. So I bought a second pair about a year ago. These shoes are now pretty worn out and ive been shopping for new ones lately. I have bought 3 pairs in the last six months and after wearing them for a few days my spine is killing me and I have to resort to my old nikes. 2 out of these 3 pairs have also been air max and they just dont work. Im just curious if anyone out there faces this dilemma and if they have any advice.



  • Certain shoes tend to make my t spine act up pretty badly.
    Full heeled work boots seem to square me out..but my gait is so bad i tend to wear them out quickly.

    As for walkers and trainers, a certain durometer reading is just the medicine for my habits.
    The air shoes while comfy..made me,hurt in the long run
  • Yes it may aggregate that pain, but it is the same area and would happen either way. The typing pain is more upper back like near my shoulder blades and the shoe related pain is more mid back.
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