Microdisectomy L4/5

Hi Everyone.. I am psoting this evening because I would like to share the amounty of time it has taken me to recover and for you to know if you are going thropugh similar that it is normal to make slow progress. It has been exactly 5 months since I had my OP which I waited almost a year for. Well a year since my symptoms began. I have made relatively slow progress compared to some but have noticed a huge change in pain over thos last week. Who knows why? It could have been down to various things but after a very frustrating 5 months I feel I am getting there. If you are in recovery adn reading how some people go back to work after a month or so then ask yourself how long you were in pain before your OP... This is all linked to recovery in my opinion. My body hurt in places I did not expect. Hips, knees and general body aches where my muscles just did not want to hold me up. Relaxing was hard because as soon as I did I had trouble moving again. PT hurt and caused me a few setbacks so I decicded to take a rest from that under the advice of the team. I had pain at the disc above the site of the discectomy and this was down to ligament pain. I had more worries than the world record holder in worrying had and all I could do was take each day at a time. Please don't worry if you are the same. We all heal differently...


  • thank you woody this really gives me hope 
  • SpartySSparty ArizonaPosts: 159
    Great input for all of us!
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