C5 and C6 fusion

I had surgery 5 weeks ago and i am getting shoulder and neck pain combined with headaches is this quite normal after surgery? I am wearing a soft collar whilst walking around, but not when I sit down


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     Welcome to Veritas Health Forum  From my experience .... you are still very early in the healing process.  Are you on any oral medications?  Did your surgeon provide any post surgical instructions.  For years I have used a heating pad on my neck .... warm moist even better - but more importantly you need to discuss these issues with your surgeon.  He or she are the only one who know your case appropriately to provide much comment. 

    Keep Us posted!!,


  • Than you so much for your advise, I am taking Paracetamol 1200 every 4 hours, as well as exercises  from the hospital physio here in France, I am due to start physio treatment as instructed by my surgeon for the pain in my shoulder and chest as well as to trying to ease the headaches. I am using a wheat bag to give warmth to my neck. i have been told not to look down and not to lift anything. I have communicated by mail with my surgeon. I am doing short walks with my collar on for support.  Thank you Dennis 
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