Chronic upper back and side/flank pain

My name is Jaclyn, and I'm a 33 year old female. I am at a loss of what I need to do for my pain. I have severe pain in my upper middle back, which spreads down both sides...really bad pain. I get muscles under my left my left breast, which I believe coincides with this pain. I have had every test done under the sun...blood work, ct scans, heart monitor, and X-rays and everything comes up negative...they've checked all my organs. On my last X-ray they only found a small bone spur on my spine and mild arthristis in my spine. I'm the first to admit I have bad posture. I stand at a standing station at work and sit when I need too. This doesn't effect my fact, I sleep too much. Is it possible I have ribs that are out of alignment to cause this pain? They want me to do physical therapy again, but I've done that in the past and it didn't work and the Chiro and massages kill my back. They won't do an MRI either because they believe it's all myso-facial. But, this pain is constant...and severe. My pain medication doesn't really help and I can't help but think it's a bigger issue. Any guidance and/or suggestions would be much appreciated. 


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    Do you do a lot of reaching forward movements at work? It is possible your shoulder blades are out of alignment. Your shoulders could be rounding forward too much pulling your scapulas forward. It's also possible your breathing is not being done correctly. If you have chest pain or it sometimes hurt to breathe or take deep breaths you may be using your chest to breath rather than your diaphragm.

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  • an mri is absolutely needed to see inflammation of the spine.  xrays won't show that.  it's a start in the right direction absolutely!  theres' possible diseases that are autoimmune you may want to consider with your doctor - inflamnmatorty soibdtk
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