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Slipped disk question need to know if something i heard was accurate or not prior to seeing workcomp

7 months ago i lifted a 50lb hose over my head and slipped l3 and l5 disk. first doc i seen a general practitioner for job who took 3 weeks to finally do a MRI after 3 weeks of painful sitting answering phones for light duty on my job and physical therapy. pains continued to get worse as it went on and doc finally did an MRI. 2 days later im being sent to a neurosurgeon. It turned out i had 2 slipped disk L5 and L3 if i remember correctly. The neurosurgeon had me setup for the knife, But before he was going to finalize the surgeory he did another MRI. the disk had slipped back in, so surgoery was removed off table for the moment. heres where my not understanding comes into play. for 3 months I seen him twice about my leg not wanting to work right. he did a test where they checked my nerves with electrodes and needles sorry cant remember what test was called but it came back normal, was very painful but normal. then i had a milagram done 4 days ago. it showed some bone spurs but wording seemed to indicate it wasnt bad enough to do whats happening to my legs. yesterday i was talking to one of my friends who had back issues some time back. same thing slipped disk went back in. but his doc had told him that the disk have sacs of fluid around them that when a disk slipped it pops those sacs leaving a bare disk rubbing bone when you move. this would explain problems im having but my doc is a workman's comp doc, he did right by me so far but the workman's comp change the person over my case and i have a feeling i better get some info and a lawyer. my main concern is this doc I'm seeing now wont tell me if there was a fluid sac that got popped because then its a unfixable issue I'm dealing with rest of my life.

so my question if a disk slips is there a sac that can bust making the problem permanent and if so is there a test which would show this as factual evidence.
 my friend told me don't let them put any more needles in my back until i know more, but like i told him its to late i had a shot from doc a nerve block and the milogram which was 3 needle sticks in my spine. if this sac thing is a real problem i need to just stop the needles as all they seem to do is make me hurt worse. I'm not a typical lawyer up kind of guy. i prefer things be handled fairly, but I'm also not stupid and i know there are workman comp docs who only do what workman's comp wants them to. any docs on here who do workman's comp I'm not referring to all docs who do workman's comp but some.

so any information about if this sac exist or not would help me greatly. if i know what its called and what test would show it i can ask this doc to do the test. If it shows as there then its no longer treatable and its time for pain control. thank you for reading this as i know its long and might seem rambling but im very concerned about any more needled in my back until i know they can help.


  • If one of the rules is broken on this let me know mostly I need to know if a fluid sac exist even if rest isn't needed
  • MetalneckMetalneck The Island of Misfit toysPosts: 1,772
    Blackice - Welcome to Spine-Health - Please do a search in the upper right corner on discogram .  I believe this maybe what you are looking for.  Discuss this and your other concerns with your physician for better case specific information.

    Keep us posted,

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