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I can't handle this anymore



  • I would suggest would write a list of all our new symptoms before your appointment and just give the list to your neurosurgeon.  I had great difficulty remembering everything during my appointments and my first surgeon used to like my notes of new symptoms.  It gave him a timescale of progressive symptoms and helped him join up the dots of the puzzle so to speak :-)

    I have fond memories of running up and downstairs before my herniation and surgeries and maybe one day I will at least be able to walk up and downstairs without holding onto the rail on the way down or pulling myself up because the weakness is so much worse on stairs.

    Your nerve is objecting to the compression, so try to give to space to work when you can by laying down or finding sitting positions that do not cause numbness or tingling.  Sometimes I find leaning to one side, using the chair arm for support helps or a reclining chair sometimes takes the pressure off.  I only use chairs with arms on in waiting areas in hospitals now, as it helps take the pressure off to lean. plus it helps take the pressure off the lumbar when getting up to standing position.

  • I have dealt with the same type on pain and actually fell many times before I was brave enough to go through surgery. After having a fusion done on S1/I5, I am able to walk better. I still have nerve pain that shoots through my hips and legs from time to time. It is not as bad as it was and I had my surgery on the 7th of September this year. Hopefully the Nero surgeon will be able to help you. Just do not give up.
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  • Lainey1967Lainey1967 Bishopbriggs Posts: 34

    Varian said:

    I'm 19, 20 soon, and started to get back pain a couple months ago. Well I've always had it but I could easily ignore it. Now, it's developed so bad that it's hard to do anything , I can barely sleep. I need a muscle relaxer to help me sleep but even that is losing its ability to help, along with the prescription strength Tylenol... Im trying to nap and I start crying because it hurts way to bad. A 7 (on the pain scale) to me is like a 2 or 3 for others.  I feel lIke I have a constant charley horse in my back and leg. I had to quit my job and apply for disability. I can barely sit for long and I can stand less than 10 minutes, nothing helps. It makes it worse since I have college and have to walk to classes... I went to the er twice and they'd barely do anything to help

  • WLLadyWLLady Ontario CanadaPosts: 1,480
    hi virian,
    there is nothing wrong with using a cane if you feel like your leg will give out.  it's better than crashing to the ground!  i just found this, sorry i didn't jump on earlier.  nerve pain is nothing to take lightly!  it hurts like a bugger!  and some days will be worse than others. believe me, i have spend many hours in tears with the have a lot of people on this forum i am sure.  i have other issues, but radiculopathy and pinched nerves is part of it.  i never actually had pain before that was so bad that i didn't really register it as pain, i just threw up-and THEN the pain feeling would hit me. Definitely NOT 2 or 3...more like 7 or 8.  and there was one day that this WAS the worst pain i had felt...because it never quits. There are some nerve pain drugs that your neurosurgeon can probably discuss with you, or your GP-lyrica and neurontin are the 2 most common.  i can say that neurontin made my life bearable....not wonderful, but i could get through a day again-and it helps me sleep.  you could also try heat, or ice, i found ice made mine way worse, but other people find it's whatever works for you!  i'm very very glad you have support from your mom!  hopefully you get a surgery date soon and it helps tremendously with the pain!   my surgeon explained to me that feeling the pain is okay...once it is gone and you feel nothing, that's not a good i am very happy you are seeing a surgeon.  I'm waiting for surgery and the cat climbed my leg and i don't feel it anymore either.....which you know, is ironically a good thing but not a good thing.  i too second the propping yourself up on your arms when sitting in chairs-or leaning...or lying flat on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor....or a reclining chair....any position you can find to help even a little bit.  you may also be able to talk to your professors and get your course material online or work something out with them so that you do not have to walk back and forth as often.  I hope they get you in soon, and you get some relief.  and come back here often and let us know how you are doing!  hang in there, and ask tons of questions to your surgeon!!!!

  • Update: 
    Insurence denied coverage for surgery which was for the 13th of oct... have to live with the pain longer until they can get an appeal to reverse the decision. Also trying the steroid shot to see if that helps, if it doesn't they'll more than likely cover surgery 
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  • winona1234wwinona1234 MinnesotaNPosts: 3
    You are all scaring me. I was only diagnosed with sciatica nerve damage last night in the ER. Someone please tell me this goes away!
  • Winona, it depends on how bad it is. If you go to physical therapy soon enough it could fix it, I put it off as I'm a terrible procrastinator. If that doesn't help you can get a steroid injection. I just had that done. I don't really feel intense pain but I still have it along with leg numbing and pain in leg. For some people the shot doesn't work, for others it could work for a certain amount of years or months.... but, and there's always a but, it could wear off and not work again like my mom and grandpa. If you do those things and they don't work, you'll more than likely get minor invasive surgery that you'll go home the same day and be back to work 3-6 weeks after depending on how much labor you have to do. Don't be like me and put it off. I'll more than likely need surgery
  • I'm 20 and am in exactly the same situation. I have sciatica in my right leg and after trying acupuncture, physio and chiropractor as well as having the injection into my spine yesterday I have found little release! I don't know what to do either as I've had to miss out on my college and I hate that I'm unable to do normal activities anymore! I have a low thresholds for pain too so even a pain that is a 2 or a 3 for most people will register as a 8 for me! 
  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,188
    hello sciatica21 !

    welcome to spine-health
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