"Head rushes" after ACDF surgery?

I'm an active 48YO male who is recovering well 8+ weeks after ACDF surgery on C4-6. Prior to my operation I ran 18-25 miles weekly and was fairly fit cardio-wise with a fairly stable resting blood pressure around 120/80.

Since my surgery, I have experienced the type of "head rush" feelings that I know are associated with low blood pressure, and I am wondering if these feelings are cervicogenic-related or if anybody else has experienced similar feelings.

I first experienced this about 10 days after surgery. I was walking in a nearby cemetery for my therapy, and crouched down to read a headstone. When I stood up, I got a massive head rush, to the point where my vision went gray and I seriously thought I would pass out for about 20-30 seconds. It cleared OK and I walked home.

That type of crouching-then-standing motion never brought on that head rush feeling for me prior to the surgery. I have experienced it since on a number of occasions, always when rising to stand after bending or laying down.

Anyone else felt this or have a good explanation?



  • jilleyjjilley cape may new jerseyPosts: 1
    I'm 7 weeks out and feel light headed sometimes. 1 level c6/7.  Had no pain till today.  I must have used my arm too much because it's sore today and pain in my shoulder blade I haven't had since before surgery.  Muscle relaxers next day or so hoping it subsides.  
  • Lefty4562LLefty4562 Huntington, WVPosts: 21
    I am 6 plus weeks out  from ACDF C4/C5 Fusion and have what I would call dizziness/ floating sensations when I walk. When I sit, stand straight or lie down, I am fine. It seems to get better the more I move around. Its almost like I have a stuffy head. Very annoying.
    I head back to the Nuero next week for a check up and seeing my ENT two days after to clear this up, hopefully!

    It seems common from what I read.
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  • NotMeNNotMe Denmark, EuropePosts: 73
    Hi Tim 
    have you got your hemoglobin tjekked? I get head rushes and low blood pressure, when I have low hemoglobin. Otherwise I would ask my doc. Doesn't sound safe to have. 
  • Are you still on any pain medication, steroids, or anti-inflammatories?  Also, 8 weeks is probably not far enough out for "complete" recovery, and you are being quite active with the running.  I would definitely ask the doctor about it, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is not a big deal.  To be honest - I've had that issue for decades with no clear reason for it.
  • Tim,

    I know it's been awhile since you've come on these boards but I just finished reading about your ACDF surgery and recovery.  My husband (37 years old, extremely active and fit) is going to have the same surgery as you (C4-C6).  It's been over a year since your surgery, and I was hoping you could give us an update on your recovery.  Have you been able to ski, and do any type of contact sports?  Have you regained your mobility in your neMy husband is an avid soccer player and I want to be able to reassure him that there's a good chance he'll be able to play again.  I hope you're doing well and I will be sending my husband your discussion about your recovery story because I think it'll be good for him to read a success story.

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