L4/5 laminectomy discectomy 6 months on

Hi all , after 4 years of pain 3 surgeons and 3 weeks in hospital with a catheter and no feeling in my left leg groin etc .I finally had a laminectomy discectomy on my l4/5 but six months out I am getting pain around the op site and down my left leg and numb foot that has got worse over the last week I really thought I was improving at about 4 months out but now don't feel any improvement at all and can't stand or sit for more than 15 minutes with out pain and discomfort 
Driving has got hard again as I can't hardly feel my left foot ...
Has anybody got any thoughts on this or had a simmiller outcome ???  Reherniation or scar tissue ???
Thanks for reading am getting so down and depressed I just hope more surgery may be possible to correct whatever is wrong .


  • Bruce EitmanBruce Eitman Akron, OH, USAPosts: 1,340

    It isn't uncommon for some of the nerve pains to come back for a little while, even at 6 months.  So, how long has this been back?  Have you discussed it with your surgeon yet?
  • ginger65gginger65 EnglandPosts: 14
    It's been about 2 weeks now and it still feels as if there is still pressure on s something in my lower back ..the surgeon said I should be a lot better at this stage and ordered another mri with contrast in a couple of weeks the pain and feelings have got too much so I have gone sick groom work it really gets me down as the only way I get relieve is lying down ........thanks for replying .
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  • crafty114ccrafty114 Los Angeles Posts: 2
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     I have had the same results I felt amazing for first two months and now I am feeling the pain again . My pain management doctor first thought that it was my SI joint so he injected them and it really did not work . They say there's more pressure put on them . Now he's thinking it is scar tissue and there is a procedure like an epidural that will scrape all the scar tissue off the nerve endings that I am doing in a couple weeks .  My last option is to take the screws out of my right side . That is most of my pain and I can actually feel them . MRI and x-rays have showed up normal  and my doctors shaking his head not really sure what to say.stretching and core exercises have always helped me. I am a strong willed person and let me tell you I just started taking Zoloft because of the depression I started to get .like if this is what I need to deal with for the rest my  need to mentally prepare don't be afraid to seek help . Luckily you're not alone with this site and you sound exactly like what I'm going through . Also what helped me out and they look really funny is a shoe called Z coil there's a money back guarantee if they don't work it takes a lot of relief off your back .
  • ginger65gginger65 EnglandPosts: 14
    Thank you I hope you get some relief as you say it's depressing it's started to get myself really down as I thought a had cracked it and have now had to go off work again as I just can't cope being there with this pain and discomfort ......I hope my mri shows something they can go for ...

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