Post L4-L5-S1fusion



  • victorrvvictorr Tampa bay,FloridaPosts: 18
    Hey AJ,thanks for your advice on my motorcycle,I do sit back on a back rest,so all that is good,am just wondering when,it's not that important anymore I've been riding all my life,Ithank God am still walking around,I'll see what my DR.says ,he's a straight shooter and tell me exactly what's happening!
  • that's the sort of surgeon you need victorr.  Best to know what problems may arise or what to look out for once you get back on the bike,

    I would not consider getting back on a bike personally, but I was subjected to a madman in charge, so it turned into an extreme sport for me!!!

    Good luck for the future
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  • RAMRRAM FloridaPosts: 72
    Glad your doing so well only 4 weeks out. I'm nearly 3 weeks out my not doing as well as you. My Dr said no Ibupropen as well. 

    Congrats on on your recovery and keep it going
  • victorrvvictorr Tampa bay,FloridaPosts: 18
    Hi Ram,hang in everybody heals different,just make sure you do your walking everyday,it's very important to keep moving and keep your core muscles as strong as your can and use ice gel pack,good luck.
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