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Herniated disks C5 C6 C7

I would really appreciate any advice here. I'm a fitness model and very active.  I recently hurt myself squatting too heavy. Been down 3 weeks. I had an MRI and X-rays done.  Results show 3 disks in back and 3 in neck.  I am unable to take narcotics so I am in excruciating pain. When I lay down and ice I am better.  When I try and walk around I start to shake and become dizzy and disoriented.  I am wondering if this is because my nerves are being activated?  I so much need my life back and have been in physical therapy every day for the last 3 weeks. Has anyone else experienced shaking and numbness when walking?? Help!!


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    hello kdyer!
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    There are other ways of managing pain that do not involve narcotics.
    Curious what your doctor has to,say. Does he believe..want to try conservative treatments?

    It may benefit you to use search, upper right on page, and your conserns may lead you to medical side of site with articles and conservative measures and progression of treatments.

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