4 Days Post Op ACDF C5-7

Its been 4 days since surgery. Its been a tough 4 days so far. Better in some ways and worse in some ways then the ALIF/PCIF L5/S1 I had last Sept.  So far the worse has been the nights and managing the pain meds. They are keeping me awake all night in addition to not being able to get comfortable in a sleeping position. Eating is pretty rough. Feels like a golf ball in my throat blocking food and liquid from going down. I caught a high fever the first night home so they had to give me 2 antibiotics that are HUGE, so thats not so easy either.So last night I stopped the Percoset and took an over the counter sleeping aid and I sleept 4 hours from 6am to 10am but I did wake up in pain....But I do feel better today and is the first time I was able to get on the computer so maybe I am turning the corner....


  • redorredo dallasPosts: 2
    I had the same level of surgery on the neck in 2014. Pain came back 6 months later and this time  around scapula with a vengeance. It is worse than before surgery. I still have pain till today and it appears that pain is above the fusion. It is also ironic that also you had the same problem I had in the area of L5/S1. Long term problems around the neck area of mine caused hip to go out of normal position, but I have avoided surgery for lower back by performing yoga and strengthening glutes along with stretching front upper leg muscles. I can say that lower back has improved 90%  however my neck pain is getting worse, fusion is preventing proper healing and overall well being of spine.   I am thinking about the removing fusion and putting  MOBI-C device. I am not sure if doctors agree with that but that will be the only option i would go with, no more fusion solution for me with the pain I have now. I hope yours get better results than mine.

  • I had a 2 level ACDF (C6/5, C5/4).  My sore throat was tolerable and cleared up within a week, although 3 months out I still have a small amount of pain on my adam's apple.  I could not tolerate the pain meds (only 2 doses in the hospital), because they caused migraines.  So my pain was completely controlled by Tylenol and then Aleve.  That worked enough for me.  I still am not super comfortable in bed, but that is probably because I am a stomach sleeper and can't keep myself in any other position.

    4 days is very early in recovery.   I had up and down days.  I napped every day for a couple of weeks.  I could drive within 1 week, partially because I was not on opiods.   If the general trend is that you are getting better, don't panic.  You already recognized a milestone - getting on the computer.

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  • mkellenmmkellen New YorkPosts: 10
    I had a 3 level ACDF in July. The first 8-10 days were rough with the throat.  I would wake up gasping for breath. But at about the 10 day mark was much better. I did have some severe trap pain too but found a combo of muscle relaxer and pain pills helped. I think I did one or two doses not many though.  Each day you feel better. 
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