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Has anyone found a cure or long term relief through the help of a chiropractor?

Hello guys. I'm just wondering whether anyone has found a cure or long term relief through the help of a chiropractor? I've recently started seeing one, but I am unsure whether he is talking nonsense or sense. What he says seems to make sense, but then again so did the physiotherapist and podiatrist! 

Please reply with any success stories you know of (or lack of!) 


  • I was able to feel human again when i was under the continued care of mine.
  • Cathy3107CCathy3107 GrimsbyPosts: 13
    I'm starting physio for the second time today now I have my diagnosis of bulging discs and tears on them but I'm not too hopeful as my first time made me worse but will let you know
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  • IPrinceIIPrince IrelandPosts: 10
    Thank you Cathy, please keep me updated!

    William, do you still regularly go to the chiro ?
  • catapamcatapam AustriaPosts: 207
    I also did chiro in the past for a ruptured disk situated under my S1 nerve root. Unfortunately chiro did not helped me and finally I performed surgery (discectomy) and surgeon removed that part of ruptured disk that release S1 nerve. 
    In my opinion this is limitation for chiro. They can align bones but not remove ruptured fragments. That why sometimes you have to do surgery.
  • Good morning IPrince

    I did not find the chiropractor helped with my condition at all years ago.  The only thing he helped with was emptying my bank account! :-) .

    I found a Osteopath that made a huge difference though.  Her technique included a release of muscles - think mine were rigid, then she would make adjustments.  Depending on the severity of my current condition, she would sometimes advised repeats visits, but sometimes she would leave the decision to me whether I needed to return.  During severe bouts, I would visit for 6 weekly sessions.  Her advice to me when I first visited was to let her work on me and when she felt I was ready to go to the gym.  She told me to get a program written, concentrating on my core strength but to tell the gym about my back condition.

    This would clearly not work for certain people as some back conditions are too severe to do this and surgery may be necessary before this route.

    This was my experience 20+ years ago and helped me struggle through life at times but out of pain at other times.  I knew surgery was inevitable as I turned down fusion surgery at this time.

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  • IPrinceIIPrince IrelandPosts: 10
    Thanks for the shared experiences guys.

    I am currently seeing a chiropractor who has advised me it'll take at least 6 weeks of treatment before I start seeing improvement in my undiagnosed (yet!) lower back condition (which has spread throughout my body, leaving me in fear that I may have MS). This of course left alarm bells ringing, but after the 2nd week I am actually starting to feel some improvements. He mixes osteopathy with his chiropractic treatments, and gives me new exercises every week to stretch out the muscles around my back. Hopefully he isn't ripping me off and his treatments fix my condition in the long run, fingers crossed!

  • Hi 
    Bulging discs C5-C7 and L4 L5 S1 from AZ - Started with what I thought was a left leg pulled hamstring on the treadmill in Oct 2013, stretched it out and everything was fine but pain came back in my hamstring Jan 2014 and within a year the pain progressed down my leg until I had drop foot (couldnt lift my left foot) - went to Drs, PTs (which made condition worse), Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, had all kinds of tests, MRI's, CT's and nothing was helping so by Jan 2016 I was considering surgery (however the surgeon did advise me that although they would operate c5-c7, it would not alleviate the pain in my leg.)  My body adopted bad posturing to counter act the pain and 2 years of pain has caused sleep deprivation, internal inflammation, food reactions, suppression and weight gain.

    My partner was reading the newspaper and came across an ad for a chiropractor and the wording made me curious so I went.  It was exactly what I needed. I had been to chiropractors before and none worked. My consultation, was supposed to be just that, a consultation, but I was in such bad shape I couldnt walk, sit or stand properly so he gave me an emergency adjustment. I started seeing him in March - June2016 and my left leg pain went away, I was walking straighter and could sit straight and I started sleeping longer.  However we vacation in RI over the summer June - November so finding another chiropractor with the same technique as AZ has been 0. I went through three chiropractors in two months before the RI chiropractor I see now and the left leg pain returned. His technique is the usual twist and drop table and over the past 5wks the left leg pain subsided and the low back pain moved from the left to the middle. Now the pain radiates from my S1, hip joint  and down the left leg. Its a process of 3 steps forward 2-4 steps back. He gave me stretching exercises to do that helps ease my pain and his classes have helped me be aware of my condition and how I can help myself create lifestyle changes towards wellness. 

    My AZ chiropractor's technique is called Gonstead and I soon found that all Gonstead techniques are not practised the same. But mine goes like this - standing vertically at the high-low table the assistant lowers it so that the table and you are lying face down - she then uses a light/heat laser to help with the cellular healing  on my back - then she uses a massager on my back and then the Dr comes to adjust me - there is no twisting of the body (unless it is very necessary - in all my visits with him he only did it once) - he also uses what I call the handheld jackhammer on me and manually adjusts cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum with me lying face down. Then once hes done, he stands the table upright (with me on it) and I walk away feeling taller and straighter. So throughout the process I dont move on the table. And if I move between tables its only with the table being made to stand or lie down. I dont have to do a thing except show up. So Im looking forward to going back home to AZ. I dont mean to make it sound like a quick fix - it isnt - after an adjustment sometimes there is pain later in the day but its just part of the healing process as my body is retrained into alignment.

    Also learned about the vertetrac and found a chiropractor in AZ who uses it in his practice. Im more aware of my posture and i use my sleep pattern to gage my condition. Trying to retrain myself because I have become addicted to carbs. Its that pain cycle - pain needs comfort = comfort foods = bad carbs = weight gain. So now whenever I have a craving I drink powdered super green foods. Take vitamins and supplements and am changing my lifestyle. Ive always been a happy person but have learned how much of my happiness can be suppressed due to pain. So to anyone esle who's suffering - try and do something you love, or that makes you feel good to trigger your endorphins. Keep looking for a solution. Dont give up. Get educated about your condition and Trust yourself. Im not out of the woods yet so if anyone has any words of wisdom - I too would love to hear them.
  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,188
    hello danceoflife !

    welcome to spine-health
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  • IPrinceIIPrince IrelandPosts: 10
    Thank you danceoflife, very informative comment! I'm 3 weeks into the process now, and I'm gradually feeling some improvement. Walked out of the chiropractor today with my back feeling better than it has for quite a hopefully things keep on improving!

    I'm seeing another guy next week who uses something called the TAMAR technique. It is a machine which realigns the spine with the practitioner manually moving it up and down in the places which need correction. Does this sound similar to the handheld jackhammer? If you have a name for that machine, please let me know! It sounds very similar. 
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