Opioid Induced Constipation

Hello everyone. Yes, it is a rather indelicate topic yet one that is the bane of the existence of anyone taking narcotic meds on a regular basis. I would like to pass along a helpful tip. For the past year, I have been taking daily Magnesium supplements and my constipation is, thankfully, a thing of the past! You will need to figure out how much you need to achieve the desired effect. I take 1000 mgs. Magnesium has many other health benefits as well and, while I don't pretend to understand the science behind it, I just know that it works like a charm for me!


  • Hi
    It is great you found something to help cause that can be a real problem that leads to so many complications.
    Did your doctor suggest that to you and have you told him or her about it, just want to make sure it has no side effects that you are not aware of since things can do that. I know there are some that can cause issues with the medications they are taking so everyone needs to run it by their doctor before using.
    I have to watch what I eat, drink tons of water and I use Mir-lax which the doctor told me about.
    Take care and thanks for trying to help others out.
    Take care Sherri
  • SusanjSSusanj FloridaPosts: 45
    My pain management doctor told me about Magnesium.

    I have been taking it for over a year with no side effects and no negative impact on my body chemistry. My husband also takes it and has had the same good results.
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  • Susanj
    Great I am for sure going to talk to my doctor about using that. It is a battle and so many of us deal with it so thanks for the suggestion.
  • SusanjSSusanj FloridaPosts: 45
    You are very welcome! Good luck.

  • Kimmy72 said:
    What I would like my "potty experience" to look like:  :)

    What it actually looks like:  :#

    I think I'll ask my primary care doc about the magnesium!  Thanks, Susanj!!
    Holy moley Kimmy, that cracked me up! Isn't it amazing the things that make us laugh when living like this? 

    My experiences are also  :# in nature! The worst was just after surgery. I was in the bathroom for nearly 3 hours. I honestly thought I was going to prolapse. I drink tjis prescription miralax type stuff twice a day and it helps but I am still not having a  :) time. 

    I will ask my doctor about the magnesium! Thanks for the idea Susanj. 
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  • One good came out in the end
    My tumms has never really recovered bit there are morw days like. \m/
  • earthdogeearthdog New EnglandPosts: 6
    I take  Probiotics and IB-Gaurd and drink a ton of water. Also the fruit smoothies from the vegetable aisle  diluted with water a couple of times a day if I haven't gone for a day or two.
  • MartySmithMartySmith Toronto, CanadaPosts: 31
    I believe that Magnesium is a major ingredient in most over-the-counter constipation medications. I have been taking it for close to 3 months and it is working for me. My Dr said it is fairly "harmless" and that I would know when I have taken enough - i.e. a successful visit to the bathroom! All I can tell you is, it worked for me.
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