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I've been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the spine spinal stenosis 4 herniated discs and bulging discs . So the doctor says I need an epidural shot I get one and now I have permanent nerve damage all I wanted to do was find out what was wrong with me not end up meeting up with more than what I went in to the doctors for so they have me on gabapentin started out at 300 milligrams per day did nothing for mecontinued  up to 900 milligrams per day still did nothing brought me up to 3600 and it worked for about a month now they have me up to 4600 and I'm having a lot of problems I'm passing out while I'm walking blurred vision painful blurred vision I call the doctor back and tell him that the pain is coming back and he tells me that 4600 going to be too high we need to cut down the amount .winter time comes the back it's really really bad I live here in Connecticut I'm losing hope iis this how its  going to be how the rest of my life sim 48.I'm very active so I don't know what to do I want to live forever but when the winter time comes I don't want to live it all


  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,303
    There are a couple of things I would like to clarify..
    1. Was the ESI for the Stenosis?  And that is what you indicate has left you with permanent nerve damage
    2. Bulging vs Herniated discs - practically the same condition, not much of any difference
    3. Weather in CT
    I have never heard of anyone having permanent nerve damage as the result of an ESI.  What happened during that procedure and what did the doctors tell you?

    The weather in CT or most of the north east varies so that always presents a challenge to anyone with spinal problems.    Luckily, we do not have the harshest or wide ranging climate  People in the Mid North west have to deal with so much more.

    The dosage of neurontin you are taking is pretty high.  At my worst times, I was up at 2800mg  per day, but that was all I could take considering everything.  So, when you are up  in the 4800 range, that is REALLY HIGH

    What is your formal diagnosis from a spinal doctor?
  • MamaGooseMMamaGoose VirginiaPosts: 10
    edited 02/20/2017 - 12:02 PM
    I've taken 3600 mg of Gabapentin for 15 years for nerve pain following a stroke (CVA)—and it's the only thing that helps nerve pain on the right side of my face.  But I also have severe scoliosis with bulging disks and a pinched nerve.  So in addition, I take Celebrex, Tramadol, and Tylenol.  I had understood that 3600 mg of Gabapentin is the maximum dosage.
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