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Ongoing pain

Spinal disectomy 6'weeks ago - still have same pain in leg after walking for a while. Mood very low as don't think op been successful - surely not still "early days"?


  • Jules1JJules1 Oklahoma City, OklahomaPosts: 96
    I almost hate to reply because I am in similar situation. 7 weeks post op Microdiscectomy and a lot of Sciatic Pain. Second MRI looked good 3 weeks ago. Any success stories out there with pain this long?
  • Lainey1967Lainey1967 Bishopbriggs Posts: 34
    Seems we unfortunately in the same boat Jules1 ☹. We really need to hear some success stories, give us some hope! Try keep strong tho know its VERY hard! ❤
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  • hvillshhvills Suzhou, ChinaPosts: 995


    According to my doctor nerves heal at a rate of 1.0 mm per day or less.  That is about 0.04 inches... or like the width of 2 human hairs.   Do you realize that is slower than the slowest snail on the earth.  The average snail could run circles around your nerve healing.  Hang in there... you WILL get better.   We're all pulling for you...  

    Harry - 65 year old male...
    PLIF L4-L5-S1 due to disc degeneration... May 23, 2013
    PLIF L5-S1 due to failed fusion and broken screw... Jan 19, 2015
    Microdiscectomy, decompression L3-L4 due to herniated disc... Jan 19, 2015
  • Lainey1967Lainey1967 Bishopbriggs Posts: 34
    Thank you for your info on the nerve healing process Harry - now 8 weeks post surgery but not clever enough to work out how much nerves should have healed. I mega fed up being in pain but appreciate your positivity that it WILL get better
  • Jules1JJules1 Oklahoma City, OklahomaPosts: 96
    9 weeks post Microdiscectomy and still have sciatic pain. At 4 weeks had another MRI which looked good. Went on Gabapentin 2 weeks 900 mg/day.  Instead of raising amount, NS put me on Lyrica and sent to Pain Management. Pain Management Doc did not recommended PT, just walk and continue Lyrica, 150 mg/ day now at 3 weeks. Pain is less than before surgery. Wait until 4 weeks on Lyrica? When do I rattle cages again and what do I ask?
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  • It sucks to be in this situation. It took me more than 2 years of pain to get a referral to a neurosurgeon, and when he told me I needed surgery I almost cried with relief. Finally someone was taking me seriously! I was terrified going into surgery but everything went well and I enjoyed a blissful pain free first week...

    Since then however the pain has returned in all it's glory. I spent 3 weeks convinced I had re-herniated until an MRI gave the all clear. After that I had 10 days of oral anti inflammatories, which didn't help. My surgeon is convinced that my continued pain is due to nerve inflammation, so the next step is an Epidural Spinal Injection, which is scheduled a week from today. Who knows whether it'll help? Maybe the nerve is damaged, maybe it'll heal over time, maybe I'm stuck like this for the rest of my life?

    And that I think is the worst part of it. The waiting. And the uncertainty. We just want to get better NOW and return to our old lives. I certainly do in any case. I want to go back to work, take part in extra curricular activities, go for a run, play with my children and help around the house. I want my life back.

    I see there are plenty of people here in the same situation, and many who are in a far worse situation. By sharing our experiences - good and bad - we can help one another through this period. And just remember the majority of people who have had microdiscectomies get better. They move on with their lives and no longer hang around on online forums such as this. So if you looking for success stories you may not find so many here.

    Wow that was an outpouring. Sorry if I went on too long. Been storing it up I guess ;)

    Easter 2013 : Onset of sciatic pain.
    Sep 2016 : L5-S1 minimally invasive microdiscectomy.  Pain returns in full 10 days after surgery.
    Oct 2016 : MRI rules out a re-herniation. 
    Oct 2016 : ESI (cortisone and nerve block).  Increased Sciatic Pain from 2 days afterwards.
  • Jules1JJules1 Oklahoma City, OklahomaPosts: 96
    Thank you for responding! My doctors are saying this is probably nerve pain.  I don't know if that''s a standard answer or relief can eventually happen!
  • 7 weeks post op second Laminectomy with decompression  and Diskectomy. After my first surgery 6 months ago I was filling OK, then 2 months later started filling numbness in my left leg, foot and buttock area. There was a stabbing pain on my cooxys as well. My Doctor send me for a post op MRI w and w/o contrast, MRI reveals same diagnosis as the prior MRI before surgery also new findings, I found that insane, but I deal w the news. A second surgery was discussed then was postponed and I was sent for PT during PT I was getting worse also got bruises all over my legs from nowhere. I got scare and went to see another Neurosurgeon for a second opinion. I got my 2nd surgery on Sept 26, 2016 this time a lot of vertebra bones were removed to relief my nerves. I was filling awesome, until few days ago when this strange pain from my lower back thru buttock, leg and foot was so bad that I started to cry and scream ike a baby I end up in the ER, so now I have and edema in between the surgery site all the way thru my back muscles. This is insane I never felt or experience a pain like that one before It took 6 IV injections of a coctail of Morphine, Valium and Dilaudid. And just because of some type of unknown Edema Fluid or wherever type of Edema is cause they couldnt tell me at the ER.
  • Jules1JJules1 Oklahoma City, OklahomaPosts: 96
    Wow! You are going through a lot melijochy! I am 11 weeks post Microdiscectomy and awaiting another post op MRI. We've got to hang in there!
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