Disc degeneration, bulging and leg cramps

I am 49 years of age suffering from severe leg cramps in left leg since January this year. It happened first when I was in U.S. I am taking hypertension medicines since last 10 years plus cholesterol meds from time to time. So, the initial diagnosis was that it's happening from some of my meds side effects. Later my MRI showing slight disc bulging on left side. I am having unrest, slight pain and numbness in lower part of my foot.  Doctors recommending different treatments that include surgery, epidural neuroplasty (RACZ neuroplasty), reducing weight plus medicines and exercise. I am 5-10 in height and 88kgs. Loosing 10-12 kgs is not easy specially when it's hard to walk and swim. I also feel weakness in my left leg. My leg cramps happen almost every 20 days. I am seeing a chiropractor as well. I am confused and looking for some opinion that can help my condition. It's effecting my personal and professional life. Thanks


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