Dropped and Bulging Disc (Anterior) and annular tear AND Schmorls Node


After a good long while i have been diagnosed with Dropped and bulging disc t-5 through to 9 and an annular tear and also Schmorls node.
WTF! we cant pin point but my poor body has been through it since may last year, 1 gym incident... a boat fire rescue and a car crash all in a very short space. 
34 years of zero incidents and all of this at once 
I am a yoga teacher and have some knoweldge but what i need is some insight into how this works? my specialist is good but i do want to hear from those living it. 
I am a knocked by the news but keen to get sorted.... i have meloxicam to start and she has a list of go to if these do not work. 
NOW considering this could be over 18 months old in terms of inury... how do i proceed? 


  • MetalneckMetalneck The Island of Misfit toysPosts: 410
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    Nina - Welcome to Veritas Health Forum !!    The short answer - Proceed with caution!!  What type of physician have you consulted with??  Are your diagnoses from an MRI??  Have they recommended any treatments as of yet??  At this point you need to get direction from you healthcare provider.  It matter less as to exactly you got to this point - but what needs to be done (or no longer done) in the near future.  Please keep us posted .... Hopefully others will chime in!!


  • MarWinMarWin OhioPosts: 654
    Did this all happen because of the trauma/accidents you went through? Did the pain onset immediately after the accidents? Are you dealing with an insurance company because of the accidents? Don't let them tell you which doctor you have to use. Find one or two you're most comfortable with. Do you possibly have scoliosis which could be adding to the dysfunctional spinal alignments? 
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  • nina1982nnina1982 Auckland NPosts: 2
    Hey All, thanks for getting back to me. 
    My diagnosis is from MRI scans. I have had lumbar pain as well but i am in pristine condition.. i did have oedema but its gone, she said not to say my L4L5 facets arent contributing due to the loaded up excersises my physio asked me to do (weights abbduction/adduction) so i have good lumbar and cervical spine and the shower of shit seems to be in the thoracic only. I must say i had a small gym incident in 2013 where my thoracic locked into my spine and i went to a chiro who had me on the table and i came away way worse but i didnt have UPPER i had lower back pain. I started to get upper pain this year my boat accident was in January i was pulled out of the water awkwardly. Car crash was july and an idiot drunk driver smacked the passenger side of my car.. i was sick and concussion symptomatic but i didnt get a knock on the head, my GP let me know its not always the case. My specialise is a musculerskeletal specialist and pain management. We have ACC in new zealand and my care is covered mostly , some providors charge an ACC fee, I also have insurance. I have to contact the drivers insurance to report these findings since the accident. im not sure how it works here. i will find out about scoliosis. my specialist seems to be well regarded here but i have been through 2 who were useless before her, she is the only one who has taken action
  • MarWinMarWin OhioPosts: 654
    Normally the thoracic area is the most stable because the ribs are giving them stability. Very perplexing to say the least. Because of that it wouldn't be out of the question that there are some things going on, alignment-wise, in your pelvis and shoulders, even though you feel no pain there. 
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