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mri clear

bladerunnerbladerunner stoke on trentPosts: 2
Hi I am new to this group but find myself in a desperate situation I dont know where to go with it next, I injured my hip (or thought it was)  running a marathon in july 2015 and has shown no improvement since, pain I am getting is esteem tightness in my lower  back and left hip and  its worse with sitting. Aslo  on occasions my hip feels heavy and also has had groin pain with it on other occasions,  Pain feel quite deep, I have been physio twice with no improvement and stretch every day. I finally got my mri my left hip  but results came back clear, feel gutted as want to train again. I need some advise please on where I can go from here in getting diasnoses and treatment. Thanks for reading pail


  • jimandjrjimandjr Dallas TXPosts: 735
    I had serious hip pains for a few months earlier this year. I was worried that a hip replacement was in my near future along with all my spine procedures. Spine procedures keep me very occupied. Believe it or not but my hip issues just went away on their own. I never even saw a doc or anything. I am very thankful. 
  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,125
    There is always the possibility that it is your hip that is causing your problems.

    MRI's are not always the best to identify hip problems.  Most hip replacements come from the result of osteoarthritis degrading the joint until its bone on bone.  At that point, the only solution is a complete hip replacement.  X-Rays are the best diagnostic tool for seeing osteoarthritis damage.  Pain in the groin area can also indicate hip problems.  For about a year , we treated it as a groin strain.  Physical Therapy and all exercises were geared up for that condition.

    My last go-around was in 2012.  We werent sre if it was a back problem or hip problem.  So, both doctors decided on using steroids as a diagnostic tool.  Fist I had an ESI in the L2/L3 area.   If I had relief from that then my problems probably are in the L2/L3 area. I had no relief from that.  I also had a steroid injection into my hip (left). I got almost immediate relief with this injection.  Combine this with MRI's (back and hip) and X-Rays (hip) the conclusion was my hip causing the problem.  

    Prior to having both of my hips totally replaced, I had a number of steroid injections.  These helped and bought me a couple of years at best.

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  • bladerunnerbladerunner stoke on trentPosts: 2
    Thanks for getting back me everyone  just rang hospital and waiting for consultent to ring me back as need some questions answering. Forgot to mention had xray before and was clear as thought it maybe oestroarhitis, but feel next as you said would be scan on back and maybe steriod injections as not ruled SI joint pain, but worried that they may not give me another MRI. Hoping one morning wake up and its gone.

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