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31 y.o. male with chronic upper back pain due to motorcycle accident

A little about how i ended up here,
im a 31 year old self-employed cabinet maker. I have no insurance or workers compensation. Any and all money i can save is basically hinged on how hard i can work from day to day. When i was 25 i purchased a motorcycle that i had been wanting for years, after about 3 weeks of riding i felt comfortable enough to get on the highway. Well, 5 o'clock traffic showed itself in an ugly way this day, and my inexperience as a rider, coupled with the obliviousness of a driver merging into my lane, ended up with me crashing my motorcycle going about 60 mph.. Seeing as no one broke the law to cause my crash and no other vehicles were involved i knew this was my fault, and not having medical insurance or comprehensive insurance for my bike, the idea of going to a hospital was terrifying. I both couldn't afford it, and was afraid to ruin my credit i had been working hard to fix for the past several years. So i treated my own wounds, abrasions, and road rash, and went back to work the next day. Ever since that day i have been living in chronic pain. I have unbearable stiffness, sharp pains, and numbness in my upper back. There is no position i can lay in that doesn't cause sharp pains or numbness/tingling in my arms and hands, so i very rarely get more than a couple of hours of sleep. Despite my pain, i have to get up and go to work and lift heavy sheets of plywood, cut assemble, carry and deliver and install heavy custom cabinets. I have not seen a doctor because i am terrified what little savings i have will disappear in no time.  As of llately my quality of life has taken an even deeper turn for the worse. I cant do almost anything i enjoy anymore from the pain, my social life has disappeared, im missing more and more work, and im reaching a point of desperation. I need help but i just dont know where to begin. I know my funds will run out quick if i dont have a stream-lined plan of action to get straight to some form of relief. I'm looking for advice on where to start, which resources might be available, and am curious what kind of funds are going to be necessarry for a self employed man to get the kind of help i need without insurance. i appreciate any and all advice that the community might have. 


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    You certainly endured quite a bit..and have not yet seen doctor?
    I don't know much re funds...but you may want to start with some kind of social worker assistance near where you live...?
    They often have information on what is available to receive medical help.
    Or also, social services at the hospital...?

    If you are unable to work, or missing days and fear for your job, there may be temporary disability to help you get back on track...?

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