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LLD & Pelvic tilt - Right leg is supposedly shorter though the left hip often appears lower

I supposedly have a shorter right leg (confirmed by massage therapist, physio, and a podiatrist). From what I've heard, the right hip should be the lower side, but my left side is the lower one. Occasionally they are able to move back into alignment. Foot lifts have helped allieviate the pain, so I've just assumed it has been a structural LLD. 

Anyone know much about this? Is this normal?


  • IPrinceIIPrince IrelandPosts: 10
    I've been told I have the same problem...I have swelling on my left side along my back and pains down both legs which has developed over the last few months. Podiatrist and chiropractor say it is because of the leg and pelvis discrepancy. The foot lift didn't help me much, still looking for a long term solution to my pain. 

    Keep us updated on your progress. Where do you feel your pain? 
  • sdybvigssdybvig VancouverPosts: 7
    I will. I don't have pains down my leg, but usually have periods where my SI joint becomes painfully inflamed. When I have my foot lift in (still testing out which height is best for me) I'm typically fine, but sitting for long periods makes my lower back ache. I've started having middle of back muscles tense up the past few weeks, not sure why. Occasionally my hips hurt and my glutes get really tight. 
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  • MarWinMarWin OhioPosts: 699
    Having one leg structurally shorter than the other is extremely rare. Did they physically measure the length of each leg or did they do a visual inspection? Having one hip higher than the other due to pelvic dysfunction is more realistic. It would make sense that your left side is lower since your right side has the "shorter" leg and thus a higher side hip.

    What about your shoulders? Is one lower than the other?  
  • sdybvigssdybvig VancouverPosts: 7
    my physiotherapist today measured it and said there was roughly 3/4 of an inch difference. I am considering getting a standing x-ray to confirm this because using 3/8 of an inch lift I think is going to be too much. my podiatrist says my right shoulder is lower by a little.

    honestly, I'm just getting really tired of this and just want a solution to my problem. it is beyond frustrating and don't know how to fix this myself and feel like I'm literally throwing my money out the window for a glimpse of hope. 
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