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Car models, seats, adaptive driving?

PonytailPPonytail Ottawa, CanadaPosts: 3
I'm a 44 year old woman with post-op scoliosis. My spine was fused at age 14. I generally manage pretty well, but I have some questions about driving and cars, and was wondering about what other spine patients might suggest.

I learned to drive when I was younger, and still renew my license... but I've never actually owned a car. (I got used to taking the bus, it's convenient.) I do consider getting a car once in awhile, but I have a big problem with uncomfortable seating, and the fact that this seriously interferes with my ability to drive.  

I guess it's the length/location of my fusion that causes the problem. Bucket seats, which have become the norm in cars now, are very difficult for me to sit in for any length of time, even as a passenger. Driving is a real difficulty--if I sit fully back into the seat, those huge headrests just force my head downward so that I'm looking directly into my lap. I can't roll my back or shoulders, I have no flexibility that way.

To see straight ahead towards the road, I have to lean forward away from the seat a couple of inches so that my head and neck are straight with my spine. This obviously doesn't work for driving. Not safe, not comfortable. Reclining the seat doesn't work for me either.

So... I've looked up information on adaptive driving and modified seats. A swivel seat might work for me. Not sure how much they cost to install, but online prices are around $5000 from what I've seen, and car manufacturers often include a limited rebate to offset the expense. I've noticed, though, that online photos show many of these adaptive swivel seats are also now bucket seats, with the huge head rests and curvy back rests!

Can anyone else relate to this situation? Has anyone else gone with an adaptive set up for their car? Is there a car model maybe that works for you and your back issues? Any thoughts?


  • jimandjrjimandjr Dallas TXPosts: 688
    I had a Camaro after my lumbar microD. It was hard to get in and out of those low bucket seats. Not the most comfortable to ride in also. I now have a full size car with padded seats with adjustable lumbar support. I prefer the large car. 
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