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Pain everywhere since Sept 12

I'm 22 years old, 140lbs, non-smoker/drinker, living in Ontario. I've been having mild pain since mid September, all throughout my body that has gotten worse and more intense. In my knees, ankles, toes, especially shoulders, elbows, and fingers. In my arms and legs too, and my back and neck. Either deep aches, pinching pain, or intense stabbing pain. My hands will feel like they're burning sometimes. Getting muscle spasms everywhere as well, mainly in my thumbs. I had tingling at first but now I only get that in my upper right back, near the middle mainly, when sitting or standing in an awkward position. Very difficult to manage the anxiety and distress, my period was nearly 3 weeks late because I was so stressed out. I managed to calm down for a week but the symptoms started getting worse again. Migraine-like pain up the back of my head occasionally. Not sure if this is related, but I've been noticing my joints seem to be snapping and cracking more than their usual amount. I have been nauseous on and off, had random exhaustion for no reason a few times even after getting plenty enough sleep, and yesterday I was dizzy all day long. No vision problems so far. My family doctor blew me off, and he won't do any nerve tests/MRIs. I had a bone scan that only showed minor inflammation in my left foot, so pretty much normal, and some heart tests/abdominal ultrasound that were normal as well. Waiting to see a rheumatologist November 16, and a chiropractor this Tuesday, may also make an appointment with a physiotherapist if that will help. Don't know what I can do, or who I can go to see who will take the time and listen. I'm not sure what this could be; MS, ALS, fibromyalgia, pinched nerves, repetitive strain injury, lyme disease, lupus, etc. Probably not lyme since I tend to avoid bugs and buggy areas, repetitive strain injury seems likely because I'm an avid gamer and type with the keyboard a lot and sit with a terrible posture. That doesn't explain the pain in the legs and feet though. I imagine my muscles are weak in general as well, from not strengthening them. As for fibromyalgia, my pain isn't excruciating (yet) and I'm still getting decent sleep, the pressure points for diagnosing fibro only seem to be tender for me and not exactly painful. Also when I rest my arms on a hard surface like the top of a table, it will hurt the nerves in my arm. Thumb spasms occur more frequently when hand is in an awkward position, and while laying down. Just very concerned because this all started happening less than a month ago and is getting worse.


  • MonikokiMonikoki Northampton.UKPosts: 54
    Hello there.Maybe you should ask for a full blood test.I have almost the same type of pain along with my spinal problems and my Orthopaedic Doctor was concerned that I may have fibro.But my GP sent me for a full blood test and discover that Vitamin D was incredible low.
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