Anyone with this condition? Did you have a surgery to fix it?

At L5-S1 level - Spondylolysis of L5 vertebra with grade-II anterolisthesis of L5 over S1 vertebra.Diffuse disc protrusion with disc dessication and focal annular tear seen in the L5-S1 disc.Bilateral severe neural foraminal narrowing with severe impingement of bilateral exiting L5 nerveroots and left traversing S1 nerve root.x At L4-5 level - Diffuse disc bulge with bilateral neural foraminal narrowing. No significant nerveroot compression at this level. Facetal arthropathy with ligamentum flavum hypertrophy noted.

These are my MRI results and most of the pain us in my leg and my legs feel weak sometimes. Surgery scares me. Are there any other alternatives? Please shareryour experiences. :smile:" alt=":smile:" height="20" /> 


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    Hi Jaib9,am not a Dr. but when you find a neurosurgeon with a great reputation,he will most likely suggest spinal fusion,I know it's scary,but if it's not fixed right with the proper procedure,it may not fix the problem ,you can't keep putting it off ,the longer you wait the bigger the problem gets,good luck,prayers going your way!
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    hello jail9 !
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  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 3,491
    Gentle reminder...there are not any medical professionals on discussion forums. (Please see last gray signage on right of page)
    Also, we members are not permitted to comment on any test results, let alone suggest what your doctor will have to say to his findings with your tests. 

    Curious us what your doctor has suggested to you thus far? What kind of doctor have you been working with so far?
    You doctor knows your spinal and full medical hx and can best explain your options to you, while he gives his opinion on what he thinks is best for you.
    Of course you are always able to get second, third..opinion so you are comfortable with your decision.

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