Almost 8 months post-op and still cannot run



  • So guys....all of your advice is greatly appreciated.
    However, my question is when and how exactly will I know the fusion was successful.....
    or that another procedure is necessary ?
    This is kind of a catch-22 situation, isn't it ?
    What are the signs that the surgery was successful or that it failed ?

  • hvillshhvills Suzhou, ChinaPosts: 809


    As said above it will likely take a year plus to confirm if the surgery was a success.   That is... your x-rays or scans clearly show a full fusion and you feel "normal" and solid in your back again... and are out of any kind of daily pain or discomfort.  When the next procedure takes place is pretty much up to you... if you are "kind to your back" for the rest of your life... and keep fit then you may never need another procedure again.  If you abuse your back... or are stuck with bad genes that give you DDD you may have to have more procedures down the road.

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  • Thanks to all who's been a great thread.
    As you can all see, my "big problem" is patience....or lack thereof. :o
  • I am sure your  daughters will totally understand that your back health is far more important than fulfilling something that could fast track you to a wheelchair.

    I think we all have something we would love to still be able to achieve, but we have had to adjust that achievement to our current conditions.  Challenges are good so set some new ones based on the information we have shared and share that with us for a 'post fused' achievement :-)

    I am very interested to hear about your pre op inability to hold a coffee cup.  I was told the my arms issues could not be caused by my lumbar problems.   They have discovered I have cervical issues now. but my problems with holding a cup in one hand without my grasp releasing it started happening after my first herniation.

  • AJ -
    I am definitely going to do that 3-daughter triathlon....and as others have indicated, I am not yet totally fused.
    My problem is: I've lost my patience after 8 months of rigorous PT. It's been an arduous journey.

    Being over the age of 50, I've got to recognized that complete fusion is going to take longer than a 30 year old.
    I'll be one-year post-op in Feb of 2017.

    My pre-op condition was quite severe: acute spinal stenosis and cauda aquina syndrome.
    The pain was constant...except when I had the epidurals...which simply masked the condition.
    They were worthless....despite the fact that several physical therapists said I would be "good to go" after the second.
    They were totally wrong.

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