So glad I found this sight!

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I am 36 with 5 kids. I've never had any problems with my body. This pain is unbearable! I feel like giving up and can't stop crying all the time, feeling like I can't handle the pain anymore. My family doesn't understand the pain. So reading all these stories and seeing that other people do understand what I'm going through is so helpful. I'm new to this as my excruciating pain just started a week ago with the initial not so painful pain starting 3weeks ago. I have been hyperventilating thinking this is going to be my life forever! 


  • Hi there! 

    So sorry to hear you are suffering and I wish you well. I hope you find relief very soon. 

    I would like to hear your story, what happened that started your pain? Have you had imaging? What do your doctors say so far? 

    If you feel like sharing, we are all willing to listen.  It is nice to meet you, sorry it has to be under these circumstances. Again I hope you are feeling better soon. 
  • maehaleymaehaley PennsylvaniaPosts: 254
    With 5 kids that cant be easy! I have 3 and that is difficult sometimes. You've found a great place to vent and find information!
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    Welcome to Veritas Health Forumplease click on link for helpful information!
  • amandacyramandacyr New yorkPosts: 25
    Hey,  sorry just seeing all these.. didnt even know this thread posted until now haha. So far all they want to do is perscribe more and more meds ...... which are doing nothing but making me able to walk in a little less pain but none take the pain away. Ive tried a chiropractor twice and have an appointment today but can hardly walk to get there. The er doc from an over the weekend flare up said not to go if new meds were helping ...... so i just dont know what else to do.....
  • amandacyramandacyr New yorkPosts: 25
    Sorry for negativity..... I'm new to all this pain and having a hard time coping 
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  • amandacyramandacyr New yorkPosts: 25
    Sorry never really said what was going on..... apparently they are saying sciatica..... I've had a sonogram to rule out blood clot, and ct scan in er that indicated nothing major going on in back...... so trying to get in today for more answers. I never fell, or had an accident immediately before pain started just woke up one morning practically undable to use my right leg..... 
  • kowserkkowser Low Angeles Posts: 35
    Sorry to hear ! It's a struggle . Just try to be patient . Lots of options but some may not work . Be cations w the meds
  • amandacyramandacyr New yorkPosts: 25
    Thank you. yeah it has been a struggle and still going. I've ever had any problems before this. The worst pain I've ever had is child birth 5 times and that goes away after! ..... This feels like it's never going to go away! .... I've been taken off all meds which is best I think but the pain is still there with no end in sight so still waiting and hoping something helps!
  • Try to see an orthopedic doctor and push for an MRI from your GP, most ortho won't see you if you haven't had one. I had a herniated disc for years that was helped a great deal with physical therapy, though I did just have surgery on that disc. I also never had a fall or traumatic accident, which everyone asks you and which nobody seems to believe is possible, but I am living proof that it is! With 5 kids, you could have hurt yourself any number of ways and just never had the nerve fire like now. Pain is almost impossible to talk about to people that haven't experienced it, it's one of the reasons this site is so awesome. Wishing you the best!

  • amandacyr said:
    Sorry for negativity..... I'm new to all this pain and having a hard time coping 
    Its ok
    Pain and these feelings go hand in hand
    Your in a world wide family who understand and are or have suffered like you.

    Dont be afraid to speak up
    Every Spineys voice is valid..and valuable
    We need yours to add to the symphony

    Cry if you want to
    Holler when you need to
    Lean as as much as you have to
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