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OMG What is going on, I dont know how long I can handle this!

dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,303
Sound familiar?
Only because so many people who first get hit with some form of spinal problem go into this mode.    Here you are doing find and then all of a sudden
you get hit with some problem.  You were going full speed, 100mph, and now all of a sudden, the brakes are on and you are now at 05mph!

Its over!  Isnt it???

No, I know that its a major shock, both physically and emotionally.  Fortunately spinal problems have become so common and their treatments are getting
to be pretty common that whatever situation you have, with the proper doctor and with your work, things can work out in your favor.

So many people that have spinal problems for the first time really do not understand where it came from and what should be done.   The best thing to do is 
to see your primary care physician and take it from there.  You will want to see a spinal specialist.   They can setup diagnostic tests, coordinatte conservative treatments and provide you with medications to make you comfortable.

Sure, you can read many horror stories about the pain, lack of medications, etc.

There are a three ingredients that are mandatory for a long term success for a spinal problem.
  1. Having a doctor that you trust and both of you have confidence in each other
  2. Having a support system, hopefully loved ones in your house
  3. Having a positive outlook and you can do anything attitude
As an extra, you have us, Spine-Health.  We will try to help you each step along the way.  

You can live a long happy and productive life with spinal problems.   You may be impacted a bit, but that should never stop you.....



  • sherrygirlssherrygirl ontario canadaPosts: 162
    You explain how I feel. Unfortunately for me in Canada I am still waiting on physiotherapy I do daily movement on my neck an shoulders and arms. I take anti flammortory and use heat an ice. Whole situation has scared me and wonder how this happened. My neck issues started in July and my physiotherapy is Oct 26th. Even through we have free healthcare it's such a slow process for everything. Glad I have this site for support I sure could use it. 
  • WLLadyWLLady Ontario CanadaPosts: 1,489
    sherrygirl, i totally sympathize...i'm over west of london.....and it's been a torturous long wait first for the referral to the surgeon and second now waiting for the'll be 18 months all told IF they can do the surgery in december like planned.....way too flippin long to be in this much pain....
    if you do end up needing surgery try getting your GP to refer you to the Toronto area. Apparently their wait times are the shortest in the province (still not great, but measured in weeks, not months or years)
    Veritas-Health Moderator
    Dec '16 T10-S2 fusion with pelvic fixation. Laminectomies L2, L3, L4, L5, facet removal, cages L4-5, L5-S1, severe scoliosis, arthritis and stenosis repair. 

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  • sherrygirlssherrygirl ontario canadaPosts: 162
    Hello WLLady
    I saw in london free press few articles of ridiculous wait times. Sad how our healthcare is in Ontario. So nice to hear from some one in Canada. I research bunch different news articles and many Canadians go across to the states for help. 
  • sherrygirlssherrygirl ontario canadaPosts: 162
    I saw in the news they running this Inter-professional Spine Assessment and Education for ontario their site has videos of the program. It's a way to cut down the cost for ontario surgery for lower back.
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