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Lower Back Pain and Leg Pain


I am a new member to the site and I am seeking advice from anyone that may have dealt with what i am dealing with now.

To give you a brief history i have always had back trouble since i was about 19 and now I am 36. My pain is located in my lower back and feels my lower spine is being  compressed. I am unable to stand long, sit long, nor walk long. If I stand in one spot shortly feels like someone is pressing hard as they can on my low back. In addition my left leg now has tremendous muscle weakness in it and previously was mostly pain but now it is numb feeling. I also have trouble with me left arm and hand feeling numb and i have tingling at times in my finger tips in left hand.

I have had a couple MRIs in the past and recently had a EMG study and have had two separate ESI injections. The ESI injections provided no relief at all. My MRIs have been normal but the EMG test i had done was abnormal noting problems in the area of L5/S1. My orthopedic doctor has referred me to a neurosurgeon and I recently saw him. He is baffled at what is going on because I have normal MRI but abnormal EMG. During the visit he looked at my notes from ortho doctor and he did reflex test which is common but he noted I have no reflex in my left leg or left ankle but right side is fine.

He did say the left arm and hand stuff is unrelated to lower back problem.

I am scheduled for a CT scan of my spine this Friday with the neurosurgeon. 

I have no clue whats going on but its scarey. I walk now with noticeable limp on left side because my leg is so week and hurts in addition to back hurting badly.
Has anyone ever dealed with anything like this? Im 36 and my condition seems like getting worse and worse because I hurt and just so weak at times.



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