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C1 C2 Fusion, discovered 2 fractures of C1

Pain in neck developed after 38 yrs of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Flexsion X-rays showed Atlanta Axial Instability requiring Laminectomy and fusion of C1/C2. After surgery began, 2 fractures were also discovered in C1. Therefore, surgery had to change for stability in C1 before fusion. Iliac Crest was taken from left hip to place in fractures, cables used, then screws for fusion. 
The fact that I have not had paralysis or fatality from fractures in c1 for who knows how long is amazing to me! Also, the surgeon said they are old fractures! 
Can anyone tell my healing time & what to expect? It was 6 wks in collar before the fractures were discovered. Wasn't sure how thevfractures will chg things. Surgery was 1 wk ago and I am in an Aspen Collar and return to the surgeon at 6 wks.  
Thx, Vikki


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