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Lower Back Pain/ Hip pain for a month

Hi all! I'm new here and was wondering if any of you could provide any insights on my experience as I've been in quite a bit of discomfort for a month now.  I really have two issues going on with my back and I am having trouble discerning what is causing them and if they are both connected.  My symptoms first started in the beginning of September when I got a sudden feeling of sharp pain and achiness near my right shoulder blade.  It alarmed me because the pain was rather unusual and I had not done anything that day to bring on that sort of pain.  However, I had helped my dad with a strenuous painting job the week earlier and I had done a work out just two days prior so I thought the pain may be a strain that would heal.  The pain lasted the next week and a half and made it quite uncomfortable to sleep especially if I turned my head to the right, thats when I noticed the pain the most.  About 6 days into the situation with my shoulder blade, I began to feel a "pinching" type feeling in my pelvis/ hip area.  A few days after that, it spread to my lower back in the form of an ache that would not go away.  At this point, I was really getting concerned because of the way both of these issues seemed to spring up out of nowhere and I immediately felt there must be some sort of connection.  However, as the second week of my shoulder blade pain wore on, I did begin to notice gradual improvement.  I was finally able to sleep in different positions without any discomfort again, and I could not illicit the pain by turning my head to the right like I had been able to a few days before.  At this time I began to think that maybe the upper back pain was unrelated to the lower back after all.

From this point on, my primary concern was my lower back pain because it was unrelenting. It seemed to be focused mainly on the hip bone itself with discomfort in the groin and upper thigh that was intermittent. I went to my doctor who palpated my abdominal area and groin and tested for areas of pain, but he could not feel anything or elicit the pain by pressing. I eventually went to a chiropractor who did an X-ray which didn't show any fractures/broken bones or anything else unusual.

In the midst of all this, I started a new job that is physical in nature. It involves a lot of walking and I felt that I was potentially making my condition worse. I don't have health insurance at the moment so I wanted to give my body a fair chance to heal itself before getting an MRI. I decided to take a medical leave to give my body the chance to rest and potentially heal.

Fast forward to two days ago, where I came down with nasty cold and low and behold I have begun to feel the pain in my upper back again/ shoulder blade again. It is like it regressed back to the state it was in when all this just started. I really don't know what to make of all of this but it has been really confusing and anxiety provoking. 

Before I go for further testing, I was wondering if anyone had any similar experiences and what if anything you did about it and the steps you took for healing. I know it is impossible to get any definitives, but I guess it just helps to talk with other people who know what it feels like to deal with these issues. 

Thank you for any of your insights! I really appreciate it!



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