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beating pain naturally.i have suffered for many years with cronic back pain in lower back L1/2.S1.

I have been on strong medication for my lower  back L1/2,,s1.i really want to try and stop taking the medication,but it really worries me to think how it will effect me?I would be really grateful for any advice that may help me,,as iam really sick of taking tablets.


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    hello chicocony57 !
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    Reminder that there are not any medical professionals on discussion forums. (Please see last gray signage area on right of page)

    re tapering and to stop a long time "strong" medication, would require the guidance and supervision of your  prescribing doctor.
    This is for your safety, and also for doctor to be aware of your compliance in taking med and wish to stop.
    Doctor really needs to be kept in the loop of your thoughts and decisions re his doctor's orders.

    Good luck!

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