"Interdisciplinary" Pain Programs

Hi everyone -  I don't mean to jump straight into a
subject matter, but I am heavily stressed about making a decision to
enter an "Interdisciplinary" pain program. This kind of program takes
you off opioid painkillers and works with you on PT, meditation,
dependence issues, etc. The one I am considering is in CT. I don't
want to name it as I'm not sure if that is okay. There are only about 7
such facilities in the US. Has anyone here attended one of these


  • New Canaan, CT.  It is a private psychiatric hospital that treats other forms of addiction and psyc. issues.  Generally well regarded from what I know.
  • If you Google - Chronic Pain Programs, it will generally come up on the first page.
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  • MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 382
    Sounds like something. I would be interested in.  But it also sounds like it would be tough.
      I would be very nervous about signing up. 
  • pa94381pa94381 New JerseyPosts: 2
    I would be very interested in hearing the results from one of these programs.
  • Thanks so much for your input.  As I have researched this thoroughly, I think I know which hospital you were considering.  The facility I am considering has a program that is mostly sequestered from the other addiction and psych programs, though I will need to sit through one open, hour long meeting a day.  The program is based on, what I think may be, the facility you looked at.  It is not mandatory to leave opiate free, though that is my hoped for goal as I do want to see if I have been experiencing any extra pain sensitivity due to the opioids.  Over 5 & 1/2 years of gradual increases due to tolerance has left me at a fairly high level of these medications.  I'm looking for an inpatient setting with other pain sufferers as I was very traumatized by an over zealous pain management Dr. who tried (with my initial agreement) to withdraw me 3 years ago.  I was scolded when I could not meet his goals and was in a constant state of anxiety while trying.  I am very scared and dubious after two failed surgeries and many other efforts.  I'm also tired of trying to "get better."  I will stay in touch with the board here and let everyone know what happens when I make my decision.
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  • I agree with itsautinomic
    What would the results be?
    Best of luck
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