Household Chores are killing me

crvgrlccrvgrl ConnecticutPosts: 2
I am 3 1/2 months post double cervical fusion with spacers. My FMLA runs out in 1 week. I am a Medical Assistant who was always on the other side of phone calls. This is my 2 nd neck fusion and I cannot sweep, vacuum, wash floors or even fold laundry without excruciating pain. I am constantly taking breaks.  I find myself having pain and spasms from my neck down my shoulders and all the way down my back. I also have this burning and feverish feeling. Does anyone have that type of feeling with their pain?? I'm supposed to be going back to work but my surgeon said I'm not ready. I have never felt pain and burning like this before. If anyone can relate please let me know how you work through it. I have tried everything. Thanks


  • William GarzaWilliam Garza TexasPosts: 1,922
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    I have not had any procedure like that but have felt the heat!
    Many members here can add  better
     posts, be gentle and take it a little there anyone who can assist you for a while?
  • laurietlauriet Kent, WAPosts: 33
    crgrl, I am almost 9 months out from surgery, anterior and posterior C 3-7, and yesterday I cleaned the bathroom, swept the (small) patio and did a few dishes and the muscles in my shoulders feel as tight as right after surgery and I feel like I could sleep around the clock, but can't get comfortable. The burning pain, to me, is the nerves. I have similar issue, my doc put me on Gabapentin to quiet them down, may want to ask doc about that. Good luck.
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  • earthdogeearthdog New EnglandPosts: 6
    I no longer do anything that causes nerve pain,referred pain or sciatica. I hire cleaners because living in a reasonably clean home is a priority for me. I don't mind doing things that make my muscles a bit stiff and sore but  I believe that I have a responsibility to myself to avoid activities that causes me to suffer the torture of nerve pain and muscle spasm cycles. I was always a fit,strong active person before my injury. That's been the biggest challenge: making a positive life
    for myself without the easy physicality I used to dependi on. Changing my life to avoid pain isn't failure. Good luck and ❤️
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