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PMSing and old injuries

Hi! This is my first discussion on this website, so I hope I get a couple of answers hopefully. I'm a 19 year old woman and a year back I got a fractured vertebrae from getting hit by a car. I went throught the whole recovery process, except now when my period starts I get really bad back pains around the area and my lower back. I sleep with a heating pad on it to loosen everything up and that helps a lot. I don't want to take birth control at all, I am very regular in my cycle, start on the same day and end on the same day every month, so no to anything to change that. Any tips though on relieving the pain? Too much pain killers can kill your liver so I only try to take Motrin when it's really bad, especially because I was on a lot for the accident. Any home remedies besides yoga?


  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 4,299
    When I was younger (40's) and spinal issues first developed, I shared much of your experiences.
    My thinking was the extra bloating at that time, and I also have a tipped uterus, tipping and moving around whenever it felt like it.....and that didn't help matters.

    I didn't take anything more than low amount aspirin occasionally and for me, hot baths and  heating pad brought much relief.
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