Help pls!! Slipped by the pool injured my lower back

Dear forum,

I had a injury 11 weeks ago. I was walking down by a pool area and slipped and landed flat on my lower back on the edge of a marble stairs. I weigh over 100kg so a big weight put on my lower back causing a traumatic injury to lower back. I went to hospital did an MRI and there were no signs of fracture or slip disc. (I only had degeneration ON MRI ) I then stayed 3 weeks in bed slowly started feeling better and started slowly walking. ( in the 3 weeks I took pain killers and muscle relaxants)

After 3 weeks I could not  hold any weight or bend much because of my lower back pain. I eventually went to hospital and was assigned to physiotherapy and another course or muscle relaxants. I did 5 sessions and then I was improving but after, I went on holiday and stressed my back again, and had quite some pain again.

Was assigned again more muscle relaxants  and than i started doing acupuncture. So far I did 4 sessions. I feel better but I am having muscle spasms and I can not carry much weight like a bag or basic groceries, I feel my back cant handle this. 

ANY ONE HAD A SIMILAR INJURY IS IT NORMAL 11 WEEKS AFTER IM STILL IN ALL THIS PAIN ? Do I have to wait more to recover or is there maybe an underlying problem ? Maybe a pinched nerve? 

If anyone has had a similar accident and has some advise or tips on my scenario, I would appreciate your time and advise.


Jan Pace 
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