Toe Numbmess and "sock" Feeling After Back Injury

First time here but I'm running out of ideas.

I hurt my lower back golfing and went to a chiropractor/sports therapist to treat the injury. No MRI and no Surgery, just treatment. I couldn't walk for 5 days and once I could, there was a burning in my foot so bad that I had to sit within minutes. That burning feeling lasted for a week and my back pain moved to my butt, then moved to hamstring, then to calf, then back up before it was totally gone...took another 5 days (sciatic nerve?) Once the burning and other pain were totally gone, I was left with two sensations that I need help understanding.

1. Partial numbness in my right 3 toes of my right foot
2. Sensation I'm walking on a rolled up sock or pad on the bottom of my foot below the 3 numb toes

I went to a pediatrist to see if it was Mortons Neiroma and he said it wasn't. Suggested it's most likely related to the back injury. No X-ray, just a cordazone shot in the foot.  It's been just over 2 months now and I still have to wear a foot cushion when barefoot or the discomfort is unbearable. I just want to know what can be done to bring full feeling back in toes and how to stop that "pad" feeling in my foot...are the 2 related to the sciatic nerve pain I was feeling when I got the injury? 

Would love any help...thank you!

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