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How can a degenerated disc regenerate?



  • foreverpain123foreverpain123 Alberta, CanadaPosts: 25
    Without contrast. They also had my knees propped up majorly which I think in theory would relieve pressure on the disc and stuff and not show accurately how bad it is but who knows. I seen my spine physician after and he looked at the mri and I still have all the spine problems. The disc didn't regenerate the ER doc was clueless. And no I'm not on anything. The spine doc put me on Lyrica but that was awful for me so I stopped. The best thing for me was tramadol and tramacet but it interacts badly with my anti depressants and it makes me nervous taking them together so I don't.  
  • MarWinMarWin OhioPosts: 699
    Same symptoms? New symptoms? I am of the opinion that impingement's change because the body continuously changes, hence changes in symptoms as well as what imaging may show. If you're still having symptoms/pain, I don't see how anyone could've expected the disc to regenerate. What protocols were you given in order to help the disc to regenerate? It is my understanding a discs survival is based on movement. The vertebrae compression and decompression are what feeds nutrients and hydration into the disc. Take away movement and the vertebrae stay locked into one position, compression, then the disc starts to degenerate.  
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  • Hi, that sounds horrible its so frustrating when they don't listen, I'm 20 and have been in a similar situation I have a bulging disc and degenerating facet joints in my lower back and then it feels like there is something in my mid back and definitely the neck which I am getting a scan for. I have known about it for 3 months now a lot less time than you and have had pretty much constant pain for the last year but I thought that was from going to the gym!  I'm just trying to find ways to cope with it! I didn't have symptoms of lost bladder control but now I do , and the nerves in both my hands sometimes go and sometimes don't its very on and off and is confusing me!
    I just want to say that the fact you have dealt with it for this long is amazing its so frustrating when people don't listen, I hope you do finally get some answers
  •  I think sometimes you won't be told much or even hear that everything is normal. It's like the ER doctor rather you take it up with your GP or specialist since they only deal in acute cases. It happened to me when I went in because I could barely walk and the pain grew worse. I was treated at the ER and then followed up with my pain doctor. There I found out that there was stenosis found on the ct scan at the hospital. My examination correlated with the ct scan findings, and more neuro deficits were spotted as well. Later I was sent for an MRI which further confirmed the problem. I agree that once the disc is totally dried out, there is no going back. Herniated or bulging discs may heal over time in some individuals, or even be asymptomatic. 
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