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Mild-Moderate Post Laminectomy-Microdiscectomy Discomfort

Hi Group,
I had terrible sciatica for about 8-12 months in which therapy, injection, etc.did not work. I subsequently had an mri and it was found I had a L5-S1 herniation. I had surgery on August 24, 2016. I felt great after surgery and started walking a few weeks after. Its been about 48 days since surgery and I still have some hip / leg discomfort which goes into the outer calf at times in certain positions. I still have good strength in my leg with no weakness. Im bummed as my surgeon gave me 20 pills of a muscle relaxer SOMA and Im waiting for my next appoint in a few weeks. He did not want me to start PT just yet. I am wondering if my discomfort is from Piriformis Syndrome or a re-herniation, etc. I still have very good strength in leg and walking is no issue. I tried to lightly stretch Piriformis and seems to make me more sore. Anymore else having these issues?  Thanks in advance..


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    hello dww!

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    It seems very good that you continue good communication with your surgeon, as he is best to assess, guide and or reassure you.

    You may be interested in reading post titles...Recovery the Most Important Phase.
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    On forums, there is also ...Surgical Buddies..area.
    They are posted according to months...and you may find others with your shared surgery and issues.
    You may find by using search, and find these discussions even if not under the actual month of your surgery.
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