Throat Pain following ACDF fusion surgery

I had a multi-level fusion surgery (ACDF) 3 months ago at the C6/C5/C4 level.  I consider it successful, and the recovery has been very close to what the surgeon told me to expect (quite remarkable, actually). I talked to the nurse today about some lingering shoulder pain and forgot to ask about residual throat pain.  I had the expected sore throat and hoarseness for about a week following the surgery.  They push your throat around during the surgery, and I guess intubation can be irritating, too. Now 3 months out I still have a mild sensation of pressure right over my adam's apple area.  It is a little tender when touched, bumped, or pressed.  It isn't severe, but I'm wondering if other people have experienced this at this point in time?  Ironically, I never had a stitch of pain at the actual incision site (pun intended)!



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  • The only imaging I had was an x-ray to make sure the plate and screws were okay - they were great.  The pressure is very close to the surface, not deep into my neck.  I think there is still some mild inflammation, but I will not let it go too long without attention.  Thanks  for responding.
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  • nutcase007 Thanks for helping me set my expectations. The discomfort really is minor compared to my pre-surgery pain. Understandably, I have little doubts at times that the surgery success might turn into a failure at some point. It's hard to draw the line between being over-concerned about every little twinge and ignoring signs of issues that should be addressed. Story of my life.
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