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CNA with Spine Issues

Hey Everyone! I'm interested in talking with other CNAS who have Spine issues and/or who have already under gone cspine surgery. What are you guys and gals doing now? If any kind of work or disabled? I am preparing myself for the procedure and also the aftermath. 


  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 3,491
    I have never been a candidate for surgery, but....
    When my spine issues first developed and my pain managed, I was still not allowed any bending, twisting or lifting.
    I was an LPN in assisted living facility at that time, and very much involved with patient care.

    You know the awkward positions we can get into :) ..and the sudden patient situation that causes us to hurt ourselves as we automatically respond to prevent patient injury..?

    For me, I was moved over to management and paperwork.
    Some CNAs with similar limitations had been moved to dietary, or transportation (which I still think is a strain) or activities.
    But depending on where you work, often times everyone is supposed to be aware of everyone else's job.

    Maybe private duty could be pick and choose jobs less demanding...? 

    Often times, if unable to resume previous job description, social services or such ...there is opportunity to train for something less physical.

    Everyone is different, but you seem wise to be giving consideration to your future.

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