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Recurrent Neck Pain after sleeping


I have done a search on here and google but was wondering what potentially non obvious tips people had about avoiding stiff neck after sleeping.

I bought a new mattress and even a contoured pillow and sleep on my back. Every few weeks I seem to have a morning where I wake up and my neck is particularly stiff and I cant lean it to one direction.  It really makes for both a painful and unproductive day. Is there anything that can be done to ensure my neck does not turn in my sleep and keep causing this?

Also, in terms of getting rid of it, does anyone have any other suggestions other than:
Warm towel, muscle relaxers, hot shower, tilting neck to opposite side of pain.
Or do yall have any tips that I may be missing or common mistakes when doing these (properly preparing warm towel, properly tilting neck)?


  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,268
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  • I would ask your doc to refer you for an initial xray then mri if ;necessary.  it sounds chronic and maybe inflammatory if you wake up with it.
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  • andrewbissadaaandrewbissada South CarolinaPosts: 11
    I have an MRI and I have disc issues (herniation, bulge, stenosis, etc) in my Cervical and between Thoraccic and Cervical. But what I'm saying is I don't always wake up with it. I'm not even talking about inflammation. I'm talking about it being extra tight on one particular side. This happens to anyone when they sleep on it wrong.
  • andrewbissadaaandrewbissada South CarolinaPosts: 11
    I'm gonna try the D-Core pillow
  • andrewbissadaaandrewbissada South CarolinaPosts: 11
    With the D-Core my neck is a bit short for the neck support, and sometimes slides off with my head getting propped up too high. Any other thoughts on appropriate pillows for cervical support?
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