Orthopedic doctor diagnosed my condition as "Muscle Spasms:.

After 10 days of medication from orthopedic
doctor, rest and heat treatment from the 5th to 14th of October, 2016 there was moderate to significant improvement in my condition. Medicines
included muscle relaxing tablets and ointment, types of arthritis reducing tablets,
complete bed rest, heat treatment and avoid sitting as much as possible and
avoiding related activity like travel.  By the end of treatment period improvement was
no pain in si joint while coughing and sneezing, back muscle spasms are gone,
right inguinal protrusion is reduced to negligible. The only concern remaining
now is intermittent left hip & left hip joint discomfort and knee joint
discomfort. Orthopedic doctor diagnosed my condition as Muscle Spasms. I will update the status of my condition from time to time to let all know if it became better or worse over time.



  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 4,299
    Thank you for sharing!
    It is good to hear you are doing much better!

    I look forward to reading your update.

  • QL and erector spinae muscle spasms are back after treatment from orthopedic doctor.
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  • MarWinMarWin OhioPosts: 654
    Sooo...the meds wear off and the spasms are back. Is that right, or are you still on meds? I really don't understand "complete bed rest" as a protocol, other than for 24-48 hours. Anything after that is not good. What is exactly happening when your muscles spasm? Does your psoas muscle also present issues? Is it your left knee? Any shoulder or ankle pain? 
  • After the medication effect is off, there are some conditions which are totally gone. One of which is pain in right si joint while coughing and sneezing. Second is weird feeling in hip joint is gone. Third is tightness in left buttock which is by far gone but not 100% gone. The stuff that remain is left knee joint discomfort. Some muscle tightness in erector spinae region and QL muscle (frequency and tightness has reduced though). As I understand, muscle spasms are tight muscles that cause weird discomfort in the affected area. Yes my psoas muscles had tightness one in a while but every time it did not last long. No shoulder or ankle pain. Another thing that has reduced drastically is the protruding inguinal muscles on the right side.
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