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hi! I need some advise please.  I was scheduled for my 3rd spinal fusion on 11/1 however, when I went to my doctor last week he told me he won't be able to do my surgery.  My old fusion didn't take and according to him one of my screws is right by a main artery and he won't take the chance.  Has anyone else had this problem?  I'm hurting so bad I'm willing to take the chance of bleeding out on the table for relief.  


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    I think a forum member, 2dogs4cmpany, had an issue with that, but she was able to find a surgeon to operate, maybe the same one that found the problem.

    I haven't seen her around in awhile, but I'm not on all the time either. You could try and PM her, maybe she'll get an email notification. 

    Sorry you're having to go through this, sure hope you find someone competent and confident to help you out.
  • I have degenerative disc disease. I was told that I can't wait much longer to have the surgery done. My spine is at a 19% slide. The pain specialist said it was the worst she has done this for a very long time and mine is the worst she has seen. I know I need to have it done but I am really really scared. What if this does not help my pain and makes it worse. I am also worried about the fact that I have been on pain medication for well over 14 years. Will they take me off medication right away or will they slowly take me off. I know for sure I am addicted. You can't be on narcotics for as long as I have been without getting addicted. I was thinking about scheduling the surgery after thanksgiving. But I am afraid that I will keep backing out because of fear. Has this surgery helped anyone? What about the medication?  
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    hello slsp!
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