Do you have a tolerance and patience for the pain?

It may seem like an unusual question..but it really goes to the heart of the matter of your experience of pain...
And with pain.

Some Spineys seem to handle pain "better" than others.
That is no indictment of any person who suffers from Chronic and sadly..Acute pain.



The Experience of Survival 

All three
I was exposed to someone who suffered from back injurys,Acute and chronic phase were normalised by how they acted and reacted to the pain. was my turn to experience in Dec 99 MVA.

Having lived through the initial ever analytical mind was working through the pain
Comparing prior experience from how badly I was hurt.

How bad it should\could hurt

The 4 w's
And how.

To now.
16 odd years later and hving gone through a few things...
That knowledge base has helped me deal with the declining Spinal Health and other issues.

I have learned Patience and tolorance
Two things that really were learned responses.

But there is you..

The Recent Spiney
Still in the Acute phase..where your still being assaulted and battered by the tides.

You have not had the "luxury" ???
of time.

Do you have Patience and Tolorance?

Or something else?

Spiney out on the web
The lurker
The almost signed on..

The fear full
The fear less

Those who are confused by all the abbreviations and distressed by all the world of pain..
Come in from the cold

We are all in this together
As John would say..
Be Gentle with yourself.



  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 4,299
    My tolerance and patience for the pain depends on the level of pain.
    When at high levels..9,10....I'm barely aware of anything in my surroundings expect for my pain...being incapacitated and dependent on's care and assistance, involvement from loved ones.

    Once the pain is managed, not gone, but managed, and I am able to think.....I am able to regather myself and choose the more positive attitude while working with my doctors and caregivers.

    But this did take time, as initially I thought treatments would help me resume my former self and I struggled with severe disappointment.

    With time and pain managed, I've been able to learn to change my lifestyle, realize pain meds are not going to be enough...and learned so much from SH site esp the ..Spoon Theory..The Blend...A Letter to Normals.
    (That letter helped me to understand myself more so than my loved ones!)
  • gfishggfish Pittsburgh PAPosts: 111
    I myself keep the pain to myself. Since no one knows what it is like, except all of of here at spine health. All my grunts, moans and heavy breathing.  I just suck it up. I have to accept this is who I am now.   
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  • Its funny.
    After dealing with pain being the constant..when I get sick with such a "minor" thing like a cold or infection?
    Zero patience.

    Almost an anger when i come down with something so elemental.
    Out comes the nyquill orange juice by the gallon.. zinc
    And lots of painfull sleep..which i think is the heart of the matter.
    Sleep is a commodity and when ime,forced down? YUUUUCK!

  • Greg, I feel for yah.
    There comes a point in time when all the explanations are worthless and its easyer to sit quiet.
  • How do I measure that one and so different from one person to the other. Did a person's childhood molestation, not enough to eat, alcoholic and drug abuse members, death after death, degree of medical care,positive or negative results, treatment from others on and on have anything to do with how we tolerate Chronic pain since for me it is a huge difference from the past years where the pain was controlled and then this pain for the last three years is a whole other world. 
    I don't make sense like right now I am at a 7/8 and just writing here is a struggle but it helps get my mind off that nagging crap. I remember having a toothache as a kid and no dental care for a week due to money. So I splashed cold water up inside my mouth to numb the pain but I knew it would come to an end so the pain was easier to deal with. I spent three days in the mountains with a fractured arm so the family could continue their trip. The pain was at a ER visit for sure but not like this pain. Was it because I was focused on others and not myself probably? 
    I read some where about Veterans how they deal with pain so much better than others do and they think it is because they have a mind set of purpose to survive and protect so their pain was not as bad as those that have the same injuries here in the states. My husband was a Vet and he can take a ton of pain and he says it is because of his experience in the war. But wow when he gets a cold or a headache watch out it is the end of the world. 
    I got off track sorry considering what I deal with day in and day out I do believe I have a pretty good tolerance for pain. I am a completely different person when my pain is at a 5/6 and yes I am angry and tired of it all and it does effect my pain.
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  • WLLadyWLLady Ontario CanadaPosts: 844
    i guess i learned mine.  My parents weren't much on taking us to the doctors.  I walked on a broken ankle for 3 days before my gym teacher took me to the hospital.  fractured fingers....concussions...blew my eardrums out at least 3 times when i was a kid......"suck it up, everyone has pain" is what i was told.  so i did-because i believed them.  so i learned to ignore it.  shove it into a box in my head and forget it.  my GP knows if i complain about pain i'm at least a 7/8....this spine is worse than a broken leg, arm, finger, NEVER quits-there's no end!  and it's unpredictable...sometimes it's an ache but other times it's a lightning bolt zap out of the blue.  but with that said, at least i can push some of it to the back and then take drugs for 50% of  the 40% that is left.   but my patience is gone....worn out.  and yes, i do get angry-but with me...and mostly it's because the stupidity of my spine stops me from doing stuff i want/need to do (or because i dropped yet another thing on the floor....).  if i stop to think about the pain i think it will eat me alive and i'll sit in a lump under a desk somewhere and cry forever.  i had patience....once upon a time before this whole spine thing  i find humour helps, trying to stay positive.  trying to keep moving.  trying to not cave to it.  it's a challenge...and i just cannot back down from being told "you can't do it".  but yes, chronic pain affects me a lot....and my patience, and my mood....chronic pain could be a very black place but i refuse to let it take me down that road, as much as i can.
  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,403
    I have been in pain for over 20 yrs. Most of the time just pushed it aside and kept going. Too much to do. Too stubborn to let it stop me. And have a very high tolerance of pain.
    Never took pain meds until a few years ago when it got really bad. Then I lost patience with it. I wanted it gone and now!!
    But my tolerance and patience is back, it is what it is. Gone are the days of a perfectly spotless house everyday. Like my hubby says the house police are not coming today.
    I have the patience to lay when it's bad whether for an hour or a week. I tolerate it because what else do you do.
  • The Patience to do...nothing.

    That was a hard lesson for me to learn.
    Nothing i can do
    Nothing i will do can help

    Just time and distance from the agravation
  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,403
    The hardest thing for me has been the "letting go". And learning to have patience that eventually things will get done. Not just letting go of what I loved to do but what I put on myself as responsibilities.
    House was spotless every day. Dinner and desert ready at 6:00 every evening. Not a blade of grass to tall. No leaves on decks or sidewalks. Flower beds cleaned, planted. Going to the grocery and running errands. Taking myself to the doctor.
    And all of this was me, my husband liked it but never expected it. Now that I can't any more it's all on him. And bless his heart he tries. But I've learned to be patient, it will get done maybe just not at my time.
    So patience and pain involves a lot.
  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,403 are so right William!!
    I have learned so much about myself on this pain journey.
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