2 years post op, new problems

Hello all,
I am 2 years post-op from an L5 S1 microdiscectomy and laminectomy. The disc herniated again shortly after surgery and I have had ongoing lower back and butt pain with right radiculopathy, numbness, random pain etc. I just got MRI results back and in addition to the herniation I knew about it mentions the following. I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow but I'm nervous and incredibly frustrated. I just need the pain gone (we all do, I know) I also have a torn labrum and I'm conflicted about where most of my pain is really coming from - hip or back. 

This is the information I would like to hear your thoughts on, all pertain to L5
- Tapering of the thecal sac at this level is
 - There is a superimposed circumferential disc bulge which mildly encroaches upon the bilateral neural foramina.
- Loss of the normal fat signal within the right lateral epidural space in the vicinity of the descending right S1 nerve root which may be due to granulation tissue.

Thank you!


  • I should note that the bulge is in addition to the herniation.
  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 4,299
    Gentle,reminder that there are not any medical professionals on discussion forums.

    While you are waiting for responses from members with shared experiences, the search, upper right on page, may be useful to you.
    Often times while searching, I find I have questions I jot down to ask doctor.

    Your doctor is best to,explain your test results. Please don't hesitate to let doctor know anything you are not understanding.

    I will be very interested in following your discussion and learning what your doctor has to say!
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