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3 weeks after ACDF, and still feeling the burn...

Hi, my name is Joey and I am 41 years old. When I was 11, I had a diving accident in which I hyper-extended my neck by hitting the bottom of the pool with my chin and was paralyzed for three days and was told I would never walk again, Science and modern medicine have come a long way from then. After the swelling around my spinal cord went down, I was able to feel my limbs and walk and move again. Recently, on September 26th, 2016 I had an ACDF of c6-c7. After surgery I felt pretty good. Then 4 days later, my husband took a seizure right in front of me and i had to act quickly and without thinking. I quickly picked him up from the floor and got him on his side. This would be his second time surviving bacterial meningitis after his brain tumor removal through craniotomy. So, me thinking I'm superman, I made sure the bedroom was cleaned and everything I could do was done. The burning in my arm has returned to in insane level (about a 9) and its to the point of compete invelopment of my day. I am swallowing normal, I have, what I think, is normal neck and back pain considering my scenario, but I worry the "burning" just keeps on getting worse and that I have done damage to the recent surgery. 
I will say that I have lived in pain for most of my life but it became a "norm" and I usually pushed right through it. I am a strong guy with great hopes, but I worry about the damage that has happened over the last 30 years. I guess I am looking for any information that anyone would like to offer. The nerve damage in my left arm has been going on for almost a year and a half before I decided to have surgery... (it's not something I ever wanted to do) but I am planning on calling my surgeons office first thing Monday morning, but I wanted to see if there was anyone else that could relate. I just feel defeated .... But when someone you love falls flat into the bedside table, anyone's reaction is going to be to save them. After the seizure incident i did call my surgeon and spoke to his PA, she informed me to just take it easy and rest. That's kind of hard to do when you are home alone, trying to be at the hospital for your husband, wondering if he's going to make it through what he has going on and making sure things still go on normally at home with chores and pets. I've read on here many places about nerves taking a very long time to heal. I guess I am hoping for just some relief t this point so I am able to return to work and function there properly. 
Are there any essential oil recipes or treatments that actually work at relieving the nerve burn.... I have tried most medications, lidocaine, salves, ointments, ice/heat... all very temporary... 
Thanks in advance for any suggestions,


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    I sure hope you..and your husband..are feeling much better at this time. have both been through so much!

    You have probably visited your doctor by this time, and I for one, would be very curious as to what your doctor advised.
    Please keep is posted!
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