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Hi everyone 
     I have degenerative disc disease and need to have surgery but I am really really scared. My spine is at a 19%slide. The spine institute said that I need to have it done as soon as possible. I can wait months but not years. The pain specialist said that she has been doing this for a very long time and mine is the worst she has seen. The reason that I am so scared is because of 4 reasons. 1: I have heard that this surgery has made people worse. My pain is already bad. I don't want any more pain. 2: The last time I had surgery I got really sick. 3: I have been on pain medication for well over 14 years. I am scared that they are just going to take me off medication right away. I know for sure that I am addicted. You can't be on narcotics for as long as I have been without getting addicted.  4: I am worried that i will end up not being able to walk again. I was told a few years back that I had a 50/50 chance of walking again.I really need advice on this before I back out of having this done. I want to have it done after Thanksgiving. 


  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 4,299
    I think when it comes to spinal surgery, many are some extent.
    Although I have never been a candidate for surgery, any type of "feeling out of control" often causes apprehension.

    Having doctors whom you trust is huge....and that includes that they would medicate you as needed and help you taper off ..or to less...of meds as you as you feel better.

    Fear of the unknown can sometimes paralyze us to the point of not making a decision. Again, that is where your trusted doctors come into play. Although there are stories of people having a difficult time after surgery, there are many stories of people feeling better.

    Sometimes we don't hear the success stories as much as those patients get about living their lives.
    We do have a discussion titled..Success Stories...which may be benefit to you.
    You can find with search, upper right in page.

    re your possible surgery, and any other concerns, again search may be helpful.
    You may be led to current or older discussions. You may be led to medical side with articles and videos. 
    Very informative!
    Searchimg may also help,you in finding questions you have for doctor.

    Under FAQs, on right of page, under Medical Information, there are posts re questions to ask your doctors.
    Hopefully, this can in part help you with your decision making process.

    Please feel free to share your concerns. You will find this site very supportive..and if it helps any, you will find you are not alone!

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