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So not new here, as I have had two neck surgeries ACDF.They were two yrs apart. Now I'm having back pain. Went an saw my orthopedic doctor he took an XRAY and said I have a slip disc, having an MRI next THURSDAY. He did however mention something about MAYBE having too put a rod in my back, at that point I  lost all hearing, bc I was scared something about it stabilizing my back bla..bla... ect..... I  will see him on November the 4th to go over my MRI results, I WILL LISTEN TOO HIM, this time completely.  The word ROD just scared the heck out of me. I do not want ANY BACK surgery.  I will be starting physical therapy next Thursday, hoping that that will help alleviate the pain a little. My question is has anybody had a rod put in their back and he said something around my L1 to L4? What type of surgery is that called if I were to have the rod put in?  I  will keep you informed on what he tells me. Sorry I have little information to go on but I honestly just block it out I think I'm just very scared, back surgeries don't always turn out very well from what I've heard and more times then most you end up hurting more as things go wrong or I don't know and I also have DDD! Any information about the road you can give me would be the most help thanks in advance Linda.



  • I ment rod not road!
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    It's quite common to use rods and screws as part of lumbar fusion surgery... it's been a common practice for many years.  There are various videos here on this site that can give you some further idea of what the surgery involves or just google lumbar fusion surgery.  The size of the rod is not so big... maybe a 1/4" in diameter or less.  I have 2 rods in my back along with 6 screws.    I'm guessing in your ACDF surgeries you had screws and metal plates... it's essentially the same thing but for your lower back.  

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  • Yes I  have a plate and screws in my neck. Just seams more people with back surgery aren't very successful. It's more complicated longer time to heal. Seam like you had some trouble, not to mention the fact that you had a couple due to failure of broken screws, sorry to here that. Thanks for explaining this to me, I feel a little better.will keep in touch and let you know what happens.
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