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Throbbing pain!! Can compare to labor contrations.

I guess I am really "new" to this pain. It started about 4 months ago and has gotten just about unbearable at times. That is the only reason I am still going on..because it comes and goes. When it comes on,I literally have to breathe through it. I have had MRI,and it showed Nerve compression of L4,L5,S1 Facet joint Syndrome, DDD( of course). Appt with neuro in 2 weeks. Anyone else have this INTENSE your pelvis area? When sitting down after standing or walking is the worst.....And I got no meds!Ice helps only while on it!


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    Hello yayamama !

    Please use search, upper right on page, and type in Welcome to Spine-health.
    It will be first on list of results, Welcome to Spine-health, how to get started!

    You will find much helpful information!
    Many of us seasoned members continue to refer to it time to time!

    Thank you!
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    It seems very good that you will see neurologist soon!
    He may do more tests for you to be able to learn more of your spinal issues and effectively treat you to lessen the pain.

    Please keep us posted with Joe you are doing!
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